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07-08 -2013
DIAC announces elimination of some occupations from state nominations
DIAC announce proposed
visa fee increases from
1st July 2013
Immigration New Zealand
(INZ) has declined more
than 50 applications from
India for permanent
residence after
discovering that they were submitted through an unlicensed immigration

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Silver Fern Job Search Visa

New Zealand Immigration have introduced two New Zealand Visas as part of the Silver Fern Work policies

Silver Fern Job Search Visas

New Zealand will allow young people with recognised qualifications to enter New Zealand to search for skilled employment for up to nine months using the new Silver Fern Job Search Visa.

There are a limit of 300 places per year available under the Silver Fern Job Search Visa.

Applicants for the Silver Fern Job Search Visa must

  • be aged between twenty and thirty five years old
  • live outside New Zealand
  • hold a qualification that meets the qualification requirements under the Skilled Migration Policy. For more details you should consult

Silver Fern Practical Visas

The Silver Fern Practical Visa will be issued for the duration of the applicants offer of employment

To be issued with a Silver Fern Practical Experience the person must

  • hold a Silver Fern Job Search permit or a Silver Fern Practical Experience permit
  • have an offer of skilled employment for a term of at least 12 months
  • meet all temporary entry health and character policy requirements
  • not have previously received a Silver Fern Practical Experience visa totalling more than two years
Silver Fern Job Serach visa