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07-08 -2013
DIAC announces elimination of some occupations from state nominations
DIAC announce proposed
visa fee increases from
1st July 2013
Immigration New Zealand
(INZ) has declined more
than 50 applications from
India for permanent
residence after
discovering that they were submitted through an unlicensed immigration

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New Zealand

NewZealand is one of the most preferred destinations for the immigrants, who make a move to this beautiful country from all over the world hoping to have enhanced lifestyle with augmented economic status.

The country offers amazing scenery, a soothing lifestyle with all-round peace and tranquility. New Zealand also boasts of some of the best cuisines and wines that one may come across anywhere, once inside the country. Besides, several international agencies have reported that New Zealand has been the country with least crime rate in the world and hence such a fabulous aspect has paved way for massive economic progress in the recent decades.

Taking in view people’s growing fascination for it and their desire to immigrate to it, not to mention its own labor shortage, the nation has been actively promoting skilled immigration, besides offering several other ways to citizenship. But again, for sure success in the very first go, experts and their consultancy skills need to be relied upon.


For immigration from India to New Zealand, one needs to apply, in the prescribed format, for a New Zealand Visa. For assistance related to immigration, he or she is well advised to consult expert registered immigration consultants and seek their services on the issue.

There’s an interesting system related to immigration to the country, called the Skilled Migration Category (SMC), this enables people with the skills and qualifications that interests New Zealand to get residence or a permit to work. Those applying are suitably measured against a points-based system and their names fed into a bank of likely migrants. Applicants are zeroed in on every fortnight or so, and later they are invited to apply for migration to the country.


Even though the country attracts all sorts of visa seekers, perhaps, students remain its most cherished hopefuls. In fact, New Zealand occupies a rather high place in the list of the overseas students. To attract more of such students, and further improve the progress of pathways to work and residence for highly skilled graduates, Immigration New Zealand has come up with vital changes to requirements for the study to work visa and student policies. This is expected to become effective from July 25, 2011.

The changes to Study to Work visa means that student must study there for not less than two years to become eligible for three years post study work visas. This includes one year open search visa, apart from two years graduate work visa.

Migration to NewZealand