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07-08 -2013
DIAC announces elimination of some occupations from state nominations
DIAC announce proposed
visa fee increases from
1st July 2013
Immigration New Zealand
(INZ) has declined more
than 50 applications from
India for permanent
residence after
discovering that they were submitted through an unlicensed immigration

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"Thank you ANZ Migration. You made our dreams come true!"

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 Migration to Australia

Australia is one of the most popular destinations in the world and an ideal heaven for skilled workforce. Their department of international migration and ministry of tourism have devised several favourable schemes and plans for such purposes. Therefore, as there has been a huge demand for skilled personnel in various fields at home, hence Australian government has setup a simple and conducive immigration system so as to enable the high quality skill to access their domestic industry.

Australia has always had very stable and competitive economy that has always recorded an annual growth of around 8.75% since 1992. Thus such a sustained economic growth makes this country a highly sought after destination for talented and dexterous craftsmen as only at this point, their handy skill is evaluated and immensely acclaimed, both in terms of social as well as monetary gains.

Australia has indeed been a land of plethora of diverse opportunities for those who are fortunate enough to dwell thereby.


Therefore, at this juncture, for such a skill-oriented paradise as Australia, we like to introduce ourselves as the outstanding migration cum tourism consultants, based in New Delhi, under the brand name ANZ Consultants.  Since our inception in 1997, we have been providing expert consultancy. As we all know, applying for visa is indeed a tedious task as it involves a great of complexities that are unique to the field of travel and migration and hence while doing so, only the professional consultants need to be approached.  

Therefore, we feel related to proclaim that we specialize in electronically filing visa applications for wide range of visa categories such as the following :


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Migration to Australia