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07-08 -2013
DIAC announces elimination of some occupations from state nominations
DIAC announce proposed
visa fee increases from
1st July 2013
Immigration New Zealand
(INZ) has declined more
than 50 applications from
India for permanent
residence after
discovering that they were submitted through an unlicensed immigration

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"Many thanks to ANZ Migration Consultant team for all their hard work and dedication to make this move possible."

"It was very daunting at first and we were not  sure that we would get through, but now we are here - living the dream"!!

"ANZ Migration's service was very professional whilst still retaining a personal touch"
"Thank you ANZ Migration. You made our dreams come true!"

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Our Services


Study Overseas:

  • Selection of the suitable  Educational  Institute and Course, taking into consideration your budget.

  • Advice regarding your eligibility for the Student Visa.

  • Preparing effective SOP & Resume.

  • Facilitate your application for admission to the University (Secure an Acceptance letter).

  • Informing students the documentation required to support your application.

  • Reviewing the documents.

  • Finalizing your application on-line.

  • Assistance on the submission of your application to the VFS or Visa office of the respective countries.

  • Preparation for personal interview (if required)

  • Upon visa approval: We can assist in making your travel or flight arrangements

  • Pre Departure Briefings

  • Helping you to secure accommodation

  • Providing all required post-landing services for easy and hassle free settlement in the country where u got the admission including airport pickup, accommodation sharing with other Indian students etc.

  • Free Assistance throughout the duration of course.


Migration :

Visa Consultation:

We provide you with best consultation and free assessment for your visa and give you an honest answer concerning your chances of visa.

Skill and Qualification Assessment :

After the consultation we assess you qualification and skills on the basis of requirements by the concerned body or embassy for the desired visa.

Assistance for IELTS  :

ANZ Migration Consultants  assist you for appearing in IELTS. Starting from the registration and reservation of your seat for any particular test date till your results.

Full Visa Application Service :

ANZ Migration Consultants are able to prepare a complete visa application with a legal submission and supporting documentation on your behalf and lodge it with a Consulate or Embassy of the Australian Government anywhere in the world. Your application will be prepared by a qualified Australian Migration Agent with full up-to-date knowledge of Department of Immigration policies and regulations so that chances of your immigration are increased subject to a limit. We also take responsibility for all correspondence with the Australian Consulate or Embassy and keep you informed of all developments relating to your visa application.

Working Visa :

If you don't want permanent residency but interested in getting working visa, we are having tie up with companies which can sponsor you to get a work visa. They don't guarantee for your job but once you have working visa in your hands and you land in Australia, you will get lot of opportunities to get a suitable job in Australia.

Busniess plan :

If you are applying for a busniess visa , we can help you in preparing and submitting a business plan.

Reviews and Appeals:

In case , your visa is refused, we possess the right to put your case for reviewing by Immigration Review Tribunal. In a lot of cases applicants who are sponsored have a right of review through to the Tribunal. The Tribunal is an independent body which reviews migration applications for such categories as Spouse, Points Test, Visitors visa, Employer Nomination, Temporary Residency and so on.

Post Landing Arrangements :

On your demands and requirements we can help to have airport pickup and accommodation arrangements


Our Services